There's a room in my basement where I have all my servers and where I do things like build and work on computers, hobbyist electronics, etc. I've been using a 6' cafeteria table as a desk/workstation and finally got tired of having to move everything around each time I worked on something new. So this weekend I built a 11.5' long work area along one wall of the basement room using a couple of pieces of kitchen countertop and a single base cabinet. Here are the results:

The countertops are supported on the back and sides with 2x4's attached to the wall studs and on the front with a piece of 1.5" slotted angle iron and a 4" piece of oak. The slotted angle was necessary to keep the front of the countertop from flexing. I added two grommets for cable access, one on each side.

I still need to replace some of the base moulding along the back wall and add an oak toe kick on the bottom of the cabinet.