My mom and dad were visiting the past ten days so I enlisted their help in working on the cabin roof. We finished the framing and sheathing but weren't able to install the actual steel roofing. Work was slowed considerably by prevalent high winds as well as the labor intensive nature of the work itself.

The roof has a pitch of 12/12 which provides 7' x 16' of full standing room in the loft area. The roof rafters were constructed using 12' 2x8's attached to a non-structural 2x10 ridge beam. Simpson connectors were used to attach the rafters to the ridge beam as well as the top plate of the walls instead of cutting a birds mouth (LS70 and VPA2 respectively). Could have used 2x6 rafters but wanted the added room for insulation that 2x8's will provide.

After the roof was framed, we installed and taped Zip Systems roof sheathing and 2x4 purlins. The purlins will give the steel roofing something to attach to as well as providing the ability to walk on the roof. We raised the sheathing (5/8") on to the roof using a winch and a pulley attached to the ridge beam.