Finally had some good weather this weekend. Sunny and warm. The temperature reached 80 on Sunday an I was wishing it were cooler.

After installing a flashing where the ledger attaches to the cabin I laid about 2/3 of the 2x6 cedar decking at which point I ran out of deck screws. The screws are sold by the pound so it was difficult to estimate how many were needed. The cedar decking comes with one rough side and one sanded side but because I didn't hand pick the wood several of the boards had defects on the sanded side requiring me to install the rough side up. I'll have to sand them down later. Before leaving I covered the decking with a tarp to hopefully protect it from the sun until I'm able to apply a protective finish.

I started the framing for the porch roof which consists of four cedar 4x4 posts supporting a double 2x8 beam. The roof rafters will attach to a ledger I attached to the cabin and the beam supported by the posts. The horizontal cedar supports hold the posts in place until the rafters are attached. I also secured the floor joists and the post bases to the support beam using metal fasteners. The posts are attached to the floor joists with 4 1/4" bolts and the beam they support is attached using a 1/2" bolt on the top of each post. The top of the posts are rabbited so the the two boards creating the beam are supported by the posts.