This past weekend I finished framing the porch roof. Initially I was going to leave the roof off until the siding was installed on the gable end because I would need to be able to rest a ladder on the roof to install the siding and that would be impossible with a metal roof. I changed my mind and decided to finish framing the roof and add a layer of sheathing, a layer of water and ice shield underlayment, and the 2x4 purlins. The sheathing and underlayment will protect the decking from the weather and the purlins will provide a good support for a ladder. One the gable siding is installed I'll just need to add the metal roofing.

By the time I was done with the sheathing it was too windy to install the water and ice shield so I finished installing the deck boards on the porch floor now that I had more screws. I trimmed the boards even on the sides of the porch so all I have left to do is roundover some of the edges, sand the rough boards, and apply a finish.