This past weekend I took care of a few random tasks and started installing exterior siding. Upon arriving at the cabin I discovered that the bird flying around the loft on my last visit was thankfully gone so the first thing I did was install the soffit on the remaining open eave to hopefully "bird-proof" the cabin interior.

My water tank arrived last week and I needed to put it in the utility room prior to installing the utility room door since it was slightly too wide to fit through the door frame. The tank is 31" in diameter, 72" high, and holds 200 gallons. I installed some indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor of the utility room, placed the water tank inside, and finally installed the utility room door.

I started installing quarter log siding on the cabin's exterior, beginning with the rear wall. After installing courses up to about head height I realized installing on the upper half of the wall would be very difficult and time consuming using just a ladder. When I finally got a makeshift scaffold in place and prepared to continue with the installation, my generator cut out due to low oil. I went ahead and applied stain to the installed siding. I want to stain as I go so the siding will have some sun protection immediately and also so I'm not faced with the boring task of applying stain for days and days.

I took a couple of pictures of the porch since I hadn't taken any of the full porch since I stained the deck.