I'm really getting bored with nothing but siding. Luckily I'm almost finished with only the two end gables remaining. This weekend I sided the front and left sides of the cabin. The front went quickly once all the pieces were cut. The left side took a while though having the scaffold saved quite a bit of time. There were quite a few warped and twisted boards among the long pieces used on the left side but I found a good method of drawing them into alignment was to use long deck screws on the ends to pull them into place. I countersunk the screws and caulked the holes. I also caulked the butt joints where two pieces were joined. I only used two full 16' pieces since they are difficult to transport. For the other 16' courses I used a combination of two pieces in 12'/4', 10'/6', and 8'/8' lengths. You can see where the joints are in the photos by the brown caulk lines.