Saturday I started installing the gable siding. Before installing the actual siding I had to install the soffit on the gable ends of the roof overhang, add flashing and sills to the gable windows, and install flashing where the porch roof meets the wall.

Installing the siding itself was time consuming because each piece of siding was cut to a different length and there were obviously a lot of angled cuts to match the roof profile. Also, having to continually climb up and down from the porch roof to measure, cut, and install took a lot of extra time. To get to the peak, I had to use one ladder to get on the roof and a second ladder placed on the roof to reach the peak.

It was also really hot on Saturday and I was tired after a long day so I took Sunday off, the result being that I finished siding the front gable end but not the rear. I did install the soffit and window flashing on the rear side so installing the siding shouldn't be too bad other than all the ladder work.