Last Fall/Winter we hung most of the drywall but were about four sheets shy of finishing. Last weekend I finished up the area under the stairs, one bathroom wall, and a few miscellaneous smaller pieces.

A few weeks ago I noticed the box for the living room fan didn't have a wire in it so I was a little worried we had run it to the wrong spot but I was able to remove the box from the hanger bracket and find the wire and run it into the box.

The majority of two days of work was spent applying a first coat of joint compound to the walls and ceiling. There are a few skills I'm fairly terrible at and mudding is definitely one of them. I watched several instructional videos prior to starting and while they were somewhat helpful, my process and results differed significantly from the videos. With most skills proficiency increases with repetition but this is probably my fourth or fifth significant attempt at mudding and if I'm getting any better, I can't see it. In any case, eventually I'll get it done.