Saturday I put four coats of water-based polyeurethane on the loft siding. I used an Earlex HVLP sprayer I bought on sale about five years ago but hadn't used until now. The sprayer worked great and it took about 25 minutes to spray a finish coat. Because I used water based poly, drying time between coats was only two hours.

While waiting for the finish to dry between coats I started on a porch ceiling using T&G aspen siding I had left over from the loft. While not strictly necessary, I had the extra wood and it does dress it up a bit. I got all the planks cut to size and about a third of it installed.

Sunday I installed flooring in the loft. I used a cork floating flooring I got for $2 a square foot. The dark color is called "Sable Gibralter" and provides a nice contrast to the lighter siding but does tend to show my dusty footprints.

Upon leaving on Sunday, I-40 was closed due to a fire seven miles SE of Heber so I had take an alternate route home which took me farther north through the towns of Tabiona, Hanna, and Francis. It was only 22 miles farther but the route contained a lot of steep grades and tight curves and because the big trucks had to detour also, I spent a lot of time going under 20mph. The trip home took an hour and 50 minutes.

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