Not too much work done over the last few weeks so I've included some pictures I took yesterday of the onset of winter at the cabin, my resident rabbit, and a bunch of elk crossing the property.

One thing I have been working on is a method of keeping the utility room warm enough that the water pipes/tank don't freeze. This involves diverting excess solar power to an "opportunity load" in the form of some large resistors. The idea is that the charge controller will ramp up the current going to the resistors as the batteries reach full charge. The resistors get really hot and heat the insulated room during the day, ideally enough to keep the pipes from freezing at night. It's not quite working yet. The resistors are only getting warm so the charge controller is never giving them full power.

I also installed a meter inside the cabin to monitor the solar system. It displays current battery voltage, net amps/watts going in and out, and the current charge percentage of the battery bank, among other things. I've had it for a while but waited until the kitchen cabinets were installed before mounting.