Continuing work on the cabin's porch over Memorial Day weekend turned out to be a frustrating experience. Persistent rain all weekend combined with temperatures in the 40's and windy conditions managed to thwart any consistent construction effort. I was able to try out a new propane heater I bought in January which kept the inside of the cabin a comfortable temperature. On Saturday I built and installed the beam and attached the ledger to the cabin. The beam was built up from three 2x8's and the ledger is a double 2x8. I doubled up the ledger and used "LedgerLok" screws to attach it to the front of the cabin, screwing into the cabin's 2x10 floor joist, resulting in a triple 2x ledger which just needs to carry the load of less than half the porch (the beam carries a bit more than half due to the front cantilever). The ends of all three ledger boards rest on the main beams supporting the cabin itself.

On Sunday the rain was almost constant but I was able to get the 2x8 floor joists cut and installed. On Monday the cold, wind, and rain continued so I postponed the installation of the decking until next weekend,