I continued work on the cabin this past weekend. It was my first trip since early December of last year. I'm always anxious about what I will find after not visiting for several months, imagining the roof having blown off in a winter storm, a surly family of bears taken residence, or some backwoods types cooking meth in the living room.

Upon arrival and inspection, I found everything exactly as I had left it, as well as no evidence our recent, admittedly less than harsh, winter had caused any problems whatsoever. No indications of water leaks, roof damage, etc. About the only "damage" I could find were some droppings on the porch and in the utility room where birds had perched in the rafters.

After having some equipment stolen last fall, I had removed everything of value for the winter, which necessitated having to take quite a bit of tools and materials with me this past weekend. Loading and unloading the truck alone probably took an hour each day and I can see will be a burden going forward. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to transport both tools and materials for some of the jobs planned for this year, but I'll figure it out.

Even though it seemed like I spent all my time loading and unloading, I did manage to accomplish a few things. I finished the roof on the utility building, adding log siding pieces to the gable ends, adding the rake edge trim (which I had to paint to match the roofing) and the drip edge. I also installed and stained cedar trim on the outside edges of the utility building and the back wall of the cabin, as well as the trim pieces at the top of the gable on the rear.

About the pictures:

  1. I included some pictures of the interior with most of the sheet rock installed, which was done last year, but I didn't have any up to date pictures.

  2. One pic of the new generator (last one was stolen). The previous generator worked so well I was hesitant to buy a different model, but the new one has electric start and a remote key fob start/stop for about $50 more. So far it seems to work okay.