Last weekend was cold and windy with highs in the upper 40's so I worked inside the cabin on Saturday where I could run the propane heater. I finished installing the 1" rigid foam insulation in the ceiling of the loft and used spray foam to seal all the cracks and gaps. Working with spray foam is messy. The rigid foam is just to supplement the fiberglass insulation that will go under the cabin roof because the fiberglass is about an inch thinner than the space available in the rafters.

Secondly, I installed 2x4 collar ties to provide a bit of flat ceiling in the loft and to keep the roof from splitting at the ridge during the next hurricane that passes through Utah. The collar ties give about three feet of flat ceiling width and are 8' 3" above the floor.

After spending most of the day Saturday on the ladder, I took a rest on Sunday.

There wasn't much to photograph so I included a picture of a chipmunk playing around in the truck bed.